CBW is committed!


Commitment #1  Improve information sharing and communication across the University.

Commitment #2  Enhance Leadership Excellence & Effective Management.

Commitment #3  Enhance and improve rewards and recognition programs.

Commitment #4  Build the institutional capacity to manage change.

Commitment #5  Conduct an institutional Employee Engagement Survey every 2‐3 years, and action the results.

Commitment #6  Implement an integrated mental health strategy that leads to a mentally healthy campus.

Improve information sharing and communication across the University

  • Outline an internal communications model and process to expedite information sharing across the University.
  • Ensure that people have information required to effectively do their jobs.

Enhance Leadership Excellence & Effective Management

  • Develop a management philosophy
  • Plan a consultation process with focus groups and feedback via CPMEA
  • Continue to offer comprehensive learning and development opportunities to enhance leadership/management for academic administrators, administrative leadership and managers

Enhance and improve rewards and recognition programs

  • Enhance the Rewards & Recognition Guide
  • Expand the long service awards
  • Recognize employees receiving degrees, diplomas or certificates
  • Enhance recognition at the local level

Enhance and improve the workplace culture

  • Conduct qualitative interviews with three areas who have implemented culture change initiatives
  • Identify common elements of success
  • Develop a model for organizational change management
  • Pilot Change Academy